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Wed May 01, 2002 6-9pm 
Frank Zappa and the Mothers of InventionAre You Hung Up, Who Needs the Peace Corps, Concentration MoonWe're Only in it for the Money /
People Like UsIf Someone Touches YouRecyclopedia Britannica /
BongwaterReaganationDouble Bummer /
Let My People Come (soundtrack)Come In My MouthLet My People Come /
the Dirty SweetsSingles Action
Bubble Gum Damaged /
The PixiesWhere Is My Mind?Surfer Rosa /
The Wilburn BrothersTroubles Back In TownAll Time Country Hits /
SwansOne Small SacrificeChildren of God/World of Skin /
Rosie ThomasCharlotte
When We Were Small /
SepulturaLookawayRoots /
Rancho DiabloLast Night I Dreamed of Rain
I'll Follow Magenta Skys /
My RuinDo You Love Me
A Prayer Under Pressure of Vio /
Nick CaveThe Weeping Song Single RemxWeeping Song, the /
Gary MyrickShe Talks in Stereopromo live /
Sin 34New Wave SlutDo You Feel Safe? /
The KnackGood Girls Don'tGet the Knack /
All Girl Summer Fun BandCanadian BoyfriendAll Girl Summer Fun band /
MorselPiecesPara Siempre /
Dog PookahCarol Decided
Village of Her Dark Blossom /
Gira, M. / Matz, D.Is / WasWhat We Did /
Duel /
The Gun ClubDevil In the WoodsKeats Rides a Harley /
Meat PuppetsH ElenoreKeats Rides a Harley /
Leaving TrainsVirginia CityKeats Rides a Harley /
Gino PustaziAn Hours EffortMighty Feeble /
Eleni MandellI Believe in Spring
Snakebite /
Meat PuppetsI Just Wanna Make Love To YouBlasting Concept vol II /
Jack Tragic and the UnfortunasI Kill Happies
Guillotined at the Har /
Kill-a-wattsRadio SuicideElectrorock /
Fabulous DisasterThe Drug that You NeedWnl /
the DonnasDoo Doo Run RunRaggedy Anne /
ScreamNew SongStill Screaming /
Joey RamoneI Got Knocked Down
Don't Worry About Me /
SkatallitesChristine KeelerFoundation Ska /
Eleni MandellSilverlake Babies
Snakebite /
Black Flag1White Minority, Depression, RevengeDecline of West. Civ. /
National LampoonMr Roberts pt IThats Not Funny Thats Sick /
FunkadelicYou and Your Folks, Me and My FolksMaggot Brain /
National LampoonMr Roberts pt IIThats Not Funny Thats Sick /
The StoogesNo FunThe Stooges /
Shattered FaithReagan CountryThe American Youth Report /
Lee MichaelsDo You Know What I Mean45 /
C AveragesideA track 1k record of the month 7" /