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Thu Apr 25, 2002 3-5 pm pst 
the Busy SignalsHeadphoneworldBaby's First Beats /
the Real Tuesday WeldI Love the RainWhere Psyche Meets Cupid /
TullycraftPop Songs Your Boyfriend IsOld Traditions, New Standards /
the BartlebeesDeceitful YouUrban Folk Legends /
Of MontrealYou Are An AirplaneBird Who Ate the Rabbit's, the /
MajesticSay Dee LaLive It Up! /
the MaybellinesOne ThousandMaybellines, the /
the Apples in StereoRubyHer Wallpaper Reverie /
Rilo KileyScience Vs. RomanceTake Offs and Landings /
Vancouver NightsAll the Right MovesVancouver Nights /
B'ehlSee What You SeeBrught Eyes /
Ashley ParkRe-Entry DayAmerican Scene, the /
BedbugMisadventures of An OrangeHappiest of Hours /
Tom DailyOn the ChinBurlington Northener, the /
Vehicle FlipsBus PassFor You I Pine /
the Mendoza LineBaby, I Know What You're ThiWe're All in this Alone /
the ComasArenaA Def Needle in Tomorrow /
the PosiesFeelSuddenly Mary /
the Mayflies UsaThe End of the LinePity List, the /
Teenage FanclubRadioThirteen /
FiveheadYoung and CompliantGib Mistake Factory /
the Chicken HawksRollin and TumblinHard Hitting Songs for Hard Ht /
Saturday Looks Good to MeI Wish I Could CrySaturday Looks Good to Me /
the Mountain GoatsFall of the Star High SchoolAll Hail West Texas /
Gorky's Zygotic MynciWhere Does Yer Go Now?How I Long to Feel that Summer /
Sleater-KinneyI Wanna Be Your Joey RamoneCall the Doctor /
Joey Ramone1969
Don't Worry About Me /
LyresWhat a Girl Can't DoThose Lyres /
Fabulous Disaster?Wnl /
SemiautomaticEat with You EyesResident Genius /
Les Savy FavAdopductionOu Furth /
LetigreHot TopicLetigre /
the Dismemberment PlanDo the Standing StillDismemberment Plan Is Terr, th /
ClinicWalking with TheeWaiting with Thee /