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Thu Jul 22, 2004 3pm - 6pm 
The GatheringBroken GlassSouvenirs / The End Records
Madder MortemDeadlands
Deadlands / The End Records
NeurosisA Sun that Never SetsA Sun that Never Sets / Relapse Records
NebulaRage in the Bloodshot PyramdLet It Burn / Relapse Records
MegadethBlackmail the UniverseThe System Has Failed / Sanctuary
MegadethKick The ChairThe System Has Failed / Sanctuary
Into EternityIsolationBuried In Oblivion / Century Media
SoilworkEntering the Angel Diabolique/Sadistic LullabyeSteelbath Suicide / Century Media
ByzantineStick Figure
Fundamental Component, the / Prosthetic Records
Immortal SoulSuicidalive
Ice Upon the Night / Facedown Records
Grip Inc.ProphecyIncorporated / Spv Gmbh
Dimmu BorgirProgenies of the Great Apoca
Death Cult Armageddon / Nuclear Blast
Like Sheep Led to Slaughter / The End Records
CalibanLove Taken AwayVent / Lifeforce
Burnt By the SunBattleship
Perfect Is the Enemy of Th, th / Relapse Records
the EndHer (Inamorata)Transfer Trachea Reverberation / Relapse Records
PsyopusMork and Mindy (Daydream Lov
Ideas of Reference / Blackmarket Activities
Horse the BandCutsman
R. Borlax / Pluto Records
Today Is the DayMother's Ruin
Kiss the Pig / Relapse Records
ScepticLost IdentityPathetic Being / Crash
Forest of ImpaledThe Fall of The TrinityForward the Spears / Red Stream Inc.
SuffocationTomes of AcrimonySouls to Deny / Relapse Records
NaglfarBladesDiabolical / Relapse Records
GolemRemote Control
Dreamweaver / Nuclear Blast
Sacred Medicines, the / Skyscraper Music
Cannibal CorpseSevered Head Stoning
Wretched Spawn, the / Metal Blade
GraveTurning BlackSoulless / Century Media
Extreme Noise TerrorDownsideDamage 381 / Earache
Remote / Relapse Records
Napalm DeathForwarned Is Disarmed?Order of the Leech / Spitfire
NasumCorrosionHuman / Relapse Records
BenumbStruggle onLive at Kzsu 1998 / Outer a Records
MistressHit Bottom
Ii: the Chronovisor / Rage of Achilles
Children of BodomBodom Beach Terror
Hate Crew Deathroll / Century Media
Children of BodomAngels Don't Kill
Hate Crew Deathroll / Century Media
Callenish CircleMy Hate UnfoldsMy Passion // Your Pain / Metal Blade
RuneEthereal BleedingThe End Of Nothing / Willowtip
ClutchSwollen Goat
Blast Tyrant / Drt Entertainment
InsomniumSong of the Forlorn Son
Since the Day It All Came Down / Candlelight Records