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Thu Apr 11, 2002 5-7pm 
Chopping Channel9
Live @ Dna Lounge /
Celtic FrostVisions of MortalityMorbid Tales/Emporers Return /
CoronerSemtex RevolutionMental Vortex /
CannaePretty NoiseTroubleshooting Death /
CryptopsyMy Prodigal SunAnd Then You'll Beg /
Creation is CrucifixionThe Cyborg HandbookIn Silico /
CataractRuin and RuleCatatact /
CombatwoundedveteranMy Spine! My Spine! My SpineI Know a Girl Who Develops Cri /
ConvergeForsakenPetitioning the Empty Sky /
CalibanLove Taken AwayVent /
Coalesce73-C002 /
Cephalic CarnageHybridExploiting Dysfunction /
Cave inThe End of Our Rope Is a NooUntil Your Heart Stops /