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Sat Jun 26, 2004 midnight - 3am 
ParisWhat would you do?Sonic Jihad / Guerrilla Funk
Immortal TechniqueHomeland and Hip HopRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records
Immortal TechniqueThe Cause of DeathRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records
Dead PrezWolvesDead Prez / Loud Records
Dead PrezAfricanDead Prez / Loud Records
The Coup6 Million Ways to Kill a CEOParty Music / Tommy Boy
Disposable Heroes of HiphoprisyTelevision, The Drug of the NationTelevision, The Drug of the Nation / 4th
King Tee/Ice CubeGet Your Girl in the Mood Quickerdj drank's greatest malt liquor hits / <none>
Charizma & Peanut Butter WolfIce Cream TruckBig Shots / Stones Throw
RammellzeeThe Rammellzee VS. K. Rob part 2Bi-Conicals of the Rammellzee / gomma
Hansome Boy Modeling SchoolRock n' RollHandsome Boy Modeling School / Tommy Boy
Deltron 3030Automator MixPositive Contact / 75 Ark
BlackaliciousRhymes for the Deaf Dumb and BlindSolsides Greatest hits / Quannum
Mos DefMathematicsblack on both sides / Rawkus
Danger MouseWhat More Can I SayGrey Album, the / None
MadvillainAmerica's Most BluntedMadvillainy / Stones Throw
TesNew New York7" single / Lex
QuannumI changed My mind12" single / Quannum
Mr. LifI PhantomEmergency Rations / Def Jux
the WeathermenSame As It Never WasDefinitive Jux 2 / Def Jux
Vast AireWhy Is the Sky BlueWe Came From Beyond 2 / Razor & Tie Music
Slug and El-PRPM Revolutions per minute pt 2.17" single / counterflow
Aesop RockTrain BufferUrban Renewal Program / Chocolate Industries
El PFantastic DamageFantastic Damage / Def Jux
King Honey F Mf Doom & KuriousMonday Night at FluidSoundink Colapsus / Soundink
the InfesticonsHero ThemeSOUND01 Big Dada Sampl / Ninja Tune
Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolOnce AgainSo...How's Your Girl / Tommy Boy
solesalt on everythingselling live water / anticon
Themselves Remixed Odd NosdamYou Devil You
No Music of Aiffs, the / Anticon
ClouddeadRifle Eyes
Ten / Mush Records
Whitey on the moonnoam chomsky spring break 2002the noam chomsky spring break ep / sody
Danger Mouse and JeminiThe Only One CleanOnly ONE/26 Inch Ep, the / Lex
Sex, Darwinism and the Jungles / Nightwork Records
cLOUDDEADout for the viewcLOUDDEAD / mush
Themselvesgood people checkthe no music. / anticon
King GeedorahFazersTake Me to Your Leader / Big Dada
Count Bass DAural S(Ect)SDwight Spitz / High Times
The WeatherTouch Type7" single / mush
Antipop ConsortiumContraptionArrhythmia / Warp Records
Antipop ConsortiumBubbzArrhythmia / Warp Records
T Evolution Control CommitteeRebel Without a Pause (WhippWhipped Cream Mixes, the / Eerie Materials
Kid 606AttitudeAttitude / VVM11
Prefuse 73The Wrong Side of Reflection
One Word Extinguisher / Warp Records
Diplodocusblankblank / Money Studies
Dalekfrom mole hillsfrom filthy tongue of gods and griots / Ipecar