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Tue Dec 30, 1997 9am - 2pm 
Mile EndsBottle Up and GoEar-Piercing Punk / Archive Int'l Prod
Bracket2RAKOO5E Is for Everything /
Sta-PrestLet's Be Friendly with Our FLet's Be Friendly with Our Fri /
All You Can EatLocksmithBallinger /
Screw 32Don't Let Them Take You AlivUnder the Influence of Bad Peo /
88 Fingers LouieBlinkDom Years, the /
Pinhead GunpowderSong of My ReturningGoodbye Ellston Avenue /
Hi-FivesI Go FeralKxlu 88.9FM Los Angele /
PatsySevenKxlu 88.9FM Los Angele /
LowWordsKxlu 88.9FM Los Angele /
Soda PopiumTerrance StompFuckum Youium /
Man or Astro-Man?The Miracle of Genuine Pyrex1000X /
Sleater-KinneyWords and GuitarDig Me Out /
the LoudmouthsGotta Live FastGotta Live Fast! /
the CriminalsGirl with a Hole in HerheartNever Been Caught /
Uz Jsme DomaUnloved WorldUnloved World /
Peter and the Test Tube BabiesBanned From the PubsTest Tube Trash /
the Voodoo Glow SkullsBulletproof ElephantitisBaile De Los Locos /
SkinnerboxDown and AroundWhat You Can Do, What You Cant /
Go NutsGo Nuts ThemeGo Nuts Theme /
the Hate BombsShe's no GoodHere Comes Trouble /
Los SkarnalesSospechosoVatos Rudos /
Blanks 77VoidTanked and Pogoed /
GbhHarmonyPunk Junkies /
the MisfitsHybrid MomentsStatic Age /
One Man ArmyBootlegger's SonBootlegger's Son /
Blind PigsIn Love with a JunkieSao Paulo Chaos /
the Mr. T ExperienceHere She ComesRevenge Is Sweet, and So Ar... /
the BusinessSpirit of the StreetTruth the Whole Truth, the /
the Bomb BassetsUnder the MoonTake a Trip With... /
Capitalist CasualtiesInsecuritiesA Collection of Out-Of-Print /
ForgottenClass SeparationClass Separation /
the Workin' StiffsWhipping BoyWhippin' Boy /
Bikini KillNew RadioSome Songs /
JumpropeScarecrowFrom the Bullpen /
FrumpiesBe GoodSome Songs /
the PotatomenThe Drunken StaircaseIceland /
the Toy DollsOne More MegabyteOne More Megabyte /
PegboyLiberace Hat TrickCha-Cha Damore /
Jon Cougar Concentration CampCliqueNiagara Falls..., the /
Union 13Todo Es Una PoliticaEast Los Presents Union 13 /
ReducersSaturdayWe Are the People /
United BloodGovernment WarningGovernment Warner /