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Wed Jun 23, 2004 6pm - 9pm 
KompressorWe Have to FightDiscipline / Sharing Machine
the Sexy LilliputiansJesus Wants An Oil Pipeline
Sexy Lilliputians, the / Headphone Friendly
CulturcideLove is A CattleprodTacky Souveniers of Pre-Revolutionary America / none
David CrossPandering to the LocalsIt's Not Funny / Sub Pop
Alvin LucierViolin Duet
Still and Moving Lines of Sile / Lovely Music, Ltd
4AMThe Room
Sex, Darwinism and the Jungles / Nightwork Records
Th Disposable Heroes of HiphoSatanic ReversesHypocrisy Is the Greatest Luxu / 4TH and Broadway
David KoreshBook of DanielVoice of Fire / Junior's
Idiom CreaksOne Guy, One Finger
Room From Another Music / Samplistic Records
LadytronBlue Jeans
Light and Magic / Emperor Norton
Immortal TechniqueThe Cause of DeathRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records
DalekThree Rocks BlessedNegro Necro Nekros / Gern Blandsten
A Big One / Narnack Records
Black FlagDepression etc (all tracks from)The Decline of Western Civilization / Slash
Pop-O-PiesA Political Song
Pop-O-Anthology / Self Release
GorerottedHacked in the Back, Dumped IOnly Tools and Corpses / Metal Blade
Remote / Relapse Records
From Which Hatred Grows / Tumult
Flowers in the Attic874524I
Flowers in the Attic / Reptilian Records
Hooker, John LeeHow Long BluesJack O' Diamonds / Eagle Records
The StoogesAnneThe Stooges / Elektra
AbsorptionGolden AgeAbsorption / Sixty One Sixty Eight
HolzkopfNo Noise (Drum and Bass Mix)
This Cd Is An Apology / Dainty Deathy
Its Always 1999 / Load Records
ChromeNova FeedbackAlien Soundtracks / Touch and Go
No DoctorsO Say Can You See
Hunting Season / Go Johnny Go!
Illgotten GainzFire
Pet Goat, the / Burnt Ramen Records
the GroodiesSucks to Be a Girl
Groodies, the / Independent
Endangered Species / Alternative Tentacles
Invisible CityUntitled
6 Song Demo / Independent
Mongoloidian GlowJoleen Hemple
Paardon? / Self Release
Riot-A-Go-GoClub Bomb
A Piece of It / Deviant Records
Daisy ChainsawYou Be My FriendEleventeen / A&M Records (Alternative)
Kokomemedada / Universal
Private LessonsFalse Alarms
False Alarms / No no Records
KmbLove Is in the Air
For Now & Forever (Remixed) / Kmb Records
I Want My MommyKitty Pilgrim
Colic / Lazy Bones Productions
IzititizArenius IiLucky Bird / Sound @ One
SepulturaAmbushRoots / Roadrunner Records
NoxagtBlood Thing
Iron Point, the / Load Records
MouthusSand on Sand
Mouthus / Psych-O-Path Records
Big MeatExtraordinary MagnitudeHell's Half Acre / Self Release
Pop-O-Anthology / Self Release
ConflictAmerican WomanLast Hour / Placebo
Millions of Dead CopsJohn Wayne Was a NaziMillions of Dead Cops / R Radical