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Sat Jun 05, 2004 11pm - midnight 
Larry KucharzPalestrinaElectrochoral Dreams / International Audiochrome
d.i.reagan der fuhrerteam goon / triple x
suicidal tendenciesi shot the devilsuicidal tendencies / frontier
Reagan YouthReagan YouthA Collection of Pop Classics / New Red Archives
Noam Chomskythe reagan legacyFree Market Fantasies / Ak Press
the Prima DonnasReagan's DeadDrugs, Sex & Discotheques / Peek-A-Boo Global Industr
D.R.I.ReagonomicsDealing with It / Metal Blade
Noam ChomskyReaganites: Defiling DemocraProspects for Democracy / Ak Press
NofxReagan SucksFuck the Kids / Fat Wreck Chords
Men's Recovery ProjectRonald ReaganNormal Man / Gravity Records
Noam ChomskyNixon and ReaganCase Studies in Hypocrisy / Ak Press
the f.u.smy americamy america / xclaim
wasted youthreagans inreagans in / sanoblast
t.s.o.l.abolish goverment/silent majorityt.s.o.l. / posh boy
dr. of / mystic
Shattered FaithReagan CountryAmerican Youth Report / Thunderbolt
God Hates ComputersReagan's RemainsDon't Give Up the Ship / Red Alert Works
Happy Fingers InstituteRonald Reagan!Job Specimen / (Unknown)