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Fri Mar 22, 2002 12 - 3 am 
Vivian SistersLipgloss IguanaVivian Sisters /
U.S. MapleLa ClickSang Phat Editor /
MuslimgauzeDevourSpeaks with Hamas /
Boredoms8Vision Creation Newsun /
Acid Mother's Temple & MeltingUniverse of Romance
New Geocentric World /
Yume BitsuThe Wedding ProcessionAuspicious Winds /
Primordial UndermindGlass/Spitt/Revelation
Beings of Game P-U /
Cline, Nels TrioCroppedGround /
Don CaballeroP,P,P AntlessDon Caballero 2 /
Machine GunSeethePass the Ammo /
Upsilon Acrux(Awol) I'll Tell You What DeLast Train Out /
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumSleep Is WrongGrnad Opening and Closing /
Kletka RedJust a Glass of WineHijacking /
Frank ZappaPlastic PeopleMystery Disc /
MatmosMemento MoriA Chance to Cut Is a Chance to /
William HookerTime to EternityBlack Mask /
Last ExitPig FreedomLast Exit /
Berne, Tim/Copenhagen Art EnsOpen, ComaOpen, Coma /
Yoshihide, Otomo/Stone, CarlAin't Kind Audio RiotMonogatari: Amino Argot /
Les Sculpteurs De VinylDefacement of MemoryMemory & Money /
Serge ProvostLa Pietra Che Canta, for VioBalloons and Kazoos /
Ned BouhalassaJetsAerosol /
Fredy Studer & Dj M. SingeRemix Native Land (Electro)Duos 14-20 /
Null, Kk & Catera, DamianFomFreakout Modulation /
Chadbourne, Eugene/Paul LovensYoung at HeartYoung at Heart/Forgiven /
Marc RibotIt Could Have Been Very BeauSaints /
Jackie-O MotherfuckerTea PartyLiberation /
Xiu XiuDon Diasco
Knife Play /
Silver Mount Zion Memorial OrcSisters! Brothers! Small Boa
Born Into Trouble As the Spark /
Legendary Pink DotsOn Another ShoreFarewell, Mily Way /
Matthew ShippNu AbstractNu Bop /
John ZornTroisieme LivreDuras: Duchamp /
Spaceways IncorporatedYou and Your Folks, Me ...Thirteen Cosmic Standards /
Modular SetHungerLive on Kzsu /
IceburnPoem of FirePoetry of Fire /
the Cancer Consiracy...To SleepCancer..., the /
Eric FriedlanderShamirGrains of Paradise /
CurlewLemon BitterMeet the Curlews /
Ikue MoriWonke Up AgastHex Kitchen /
Zappa, Frank/Mothers of InventDidja Get Any Onya?Weasels Ripped My Flesh /