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Tue Jan 23, 2024 7am - 8:40am 
07:00 am

The Modern World, w/ dj s-mahn.
Mod, Punk, Ska, Reggae, Downtempo & Dub. In honor of Hi, How Are You Day in ATX (Daniel Johnston's Birthday 1/22/61), A mish-mosh of indiepop, thrash, folk, and various bands Daniel influenced.

07:00 amDaniel JohnstonPoor YouHi, How Are You (The Unfinished Album) / Yip Eye Music
07:02 amDaniel JohnstonBig Business MonkeyHi, How Are You (The Unfinished Album) / Yip Eye
07:04 amJoe Jack TalcumBig Business Monkey
07:06 amThe Flintstone ClubBig Business MonkeyThe Flintstone Club Presents: Hi, How Are You /
07:08 am
07:08 amDaniel JohnstonChord Organ Blues
Welcome To My World / Eternal Yip Eye Music
07:12 am
07:12 amDaniel JohnstonWalking The Cow
Welcome To My World / Eternal Yip Eye Music
07:17 amFirehoseWalking the CowFlyin' the Flannel / Columbia Records (College Radio)
07:22 amTV on the RadioWalking The Cow
07:27 amDaniel JohnstonSpeeding MotorcycleYip Jump Music / Yip Eye
07:29 amYo La TengoSpeeding MotorcycleFakebook / Bar/None Records
07:33 amDaniel JohnstonCasper The Friendly Ghost
Welcome To My World / Eternal Yip Eye Music
07:35 amBrit BenjaminCasper The Friendly Ghost
07:38 amJohnston, Daniel DaleImpossible Love
Rejected Unknown / Gammon Records
07:40 amGordon GanoImpossible LoveThe Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered /
07:42 amDaniel Johnston and Eye BandMy Life Is Starting OverArtistic Vice / Shimmy Disc
07:47 amJad Teenage Fanclub with FairMy Life Is Starting Over Aga
Discovered Covered / Gammon Records
07:49 am
07:49 amSonic YouthTeen Age Riot (Edit)Daydream Nation (Sampler) / Enigma Records
07:58 amNirvanaAbout a GirlUnplugged in New York / Geffen Records
08:00 am
08:01 amNirvanaAbout a Girl (If it were a Beatles song); mixed by dj hadashi
08:03 amDaniel JohnstonNo More Pushing Joe AroundHi, How Are You (The Unfinished Album) / Yip Eye
08:07 amDaniel Johnston and the Rhythm RatsHard Time / home recording
08:12 amMeat PuppetsSplit Myself in TwoMeat Puppets II / SST
08:14 am
08:14 amMeat PuppetsUp On The SunUp On The Sun / SST
08:16 am
08:19 amDaniel Johnston and Eye BandHoney I Sure Miss YouArtistic Vice / Shimmy Disc
08:22 amBuilt To SpillHoney I Sure Miss YouBuilt To Spill Plays The Songs of Daniel Johnston / Ernest Jenning
08:26 amDaniel JohnstonTrue Love Will Find You In The End1990 / Shimmy Disc
08:28 amWilcoTrue Love Will Find You In The EndLive on KEXP (8/10/2015) /
08:35 amBeckTrue Love Will Find You in The End
Discovered Covered / Gammon Records