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Tue May 18, 2004 9pm - 11pm 
Cerberus ShoalBlood BabyVim and Vigour of Alvariul, th / North East Indie Records
Cerberus ShoalDingVim and Vigour of Alvariul, th / North East Indie Records
cerberus shoalnonexBastion of itchy preeves / North East Indie
Turkish QueenUnentranscended
Cusp / Independent
FogWhom that Hits Walls
Hummer / Ninja Tune
Marc RibotBataille
Scelsi Morning / Tzadik Records
UsaisamonsterDesertCitizens of the Chronic / Infrasound
U.S. MapleHey KingLong Hair in Three Stages / Skin Graft Records
Us MapleLay Lady Lay
Purple on Time. / Drag City
Jason AndersonPen Pals
New England / K Records
SmogOur Anniversary
Supper / Drag City
Archer PrewittGerroaGerroa Songs / Carrot Top Records
Devil Isn't Red, the / Kill Rock Stars
Mindflayer5 Minutes of Sporatic Beats
Its Always 1999 / Load Records
Robot ArmWatershedGiant / Independent
Open CityUntitled (Live Recording)L.A. We Revise Your Neglect / Thin Wrist
Clear HorizonDistortion SongClear Horizon / Kranky
Davis Redford TriadLoop 03Blue Cloud / Holy Mountain
Jackie O' MotherfuckerExtension
Wow/The Magic Fire Music / Atp Recordings