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Tue Feb 24, 2004 8pm - 10pm 
Neurosis & JarboeWithinNeurosis & Jarboe / Neurot Recordings
the Hidden HandBellicose Rhetoric
Divine Propaganda / Artillery Music
High Tone Son of a BitchFortune's Crown
Better You than Me / Unknown Controller
Dirty PowerSymptom of the UnitardDirty Power / Dead Teenager
High Tone Son of a BitchBetter You than Me
Better You than Me / Unknown Controller
Iron LungNailssplit: Iron Lung/Lana Dagales / Boredom Noise
Melt-BananaShield for Your Eyes, a Beas
Cell-Scape / A-Zap
Le ScrawlRing, ring, ring (De La Soul)Too short to ignore / Life is Abuse/RSR
Napalm DeathRise AboveNoise for Music's Sake / Earache
Le ScrawlPractice what you preachToo short to ignore / Life is Above/RSR
Misery IndexAngst Isst Die Seele
Retaliate / Nuclear Blast
Structure of LiesHell Carried Onsplit: Structure of Lies/Misery Index / Deep Six
Misery IndexBirth of Ignorance
Retaliate / Nuclear Blast
KalibasFrom Ivory Towers Above the Control GridEnthusiastic Corruption of the Common Good / Willowtip
Burnt By the SunBattleship
Perfect Is the Enemy of Th, th / Relapse Records
Lamb of GodIn Defense of Our Good Name
As the Palaces Burn / Prosthetic Records
CataractThe Vulcano EffectGreat Days of Vengeance / LifeForce
UndyingReckoningAt History's End / One Day Savior
MalefactionOngoing Plaque
Where there Is Power there Is / G7 Welcoming Committee
Municipal WasteThe Executioner/ AttackWaste'em All / Six Weeks
Crucial UnitThe Quest for CertainteaThese Colors Get the Runs / Six Weeks
VoetsekThey Walk the PlankV/A Disturbing the Peace / Six Weeks
Kung Fu RickClass InclusionSuper Sabado Gigante / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Burn Your BridgesRevolution Now! Destory the Scene!Burn Your Bridges / Deep Six
Guyana Punch LineA Void Transmission
Direkt Aktion / Prank
Funeral DinerMy First Smells Like GraveyardThree Sides Dead / Lilacsky
Teen CthulhuCystral Castlessplit: Cream Abdul Babar/Teen Cthulhu / Hyperrealist
KylesaThe Curse of Lost Days (Part 2)split: Cream Abdul Babar/Kylesa / At a Loss Recordings
PelicanDroughtAustralasia / Hydra Head
DiimlaiaGoodnight Sweet GhostDimlaia / Life is Abuse