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Wed Feb 18, 2004 9am - noon 
Open CityAssembly Language
Birth of Cruel, the / Thin Wrist
Nervous CopIll Pearls
Nervous Cop / Kill Rock Stars
Kelly StoltzMt. Fuji
Antique Glow / Jackpine Social Club
Whitmore, William ElliottBurn My Body
Hymns for the Hopeless / Southern Records
Zeitlyn, Mirah Yomtov/Gingertrack 11
Songs From the Black Mountain / K K Records
the Desert SessionsA Girl Like Me
Volumes 9 & 10 / Ipecac Records
the CreaturesAround the World
Hai! / Instinct Records
MarsHelen Fordsdale
New York Noise / Soul Jazz Records
BurmeseBukkake Ongaku
Amere Shadow and Reminiscence / Tumult
the DipersShake
How to Plan Succssful Parties / Omnibus Records
Giant HaystacksCouch Song
Patriotism in Action / Independent
BoyskoutJesse James
School of Etiquette / Alive Records
the UnicornsThe Clap
Who Will Cut Our Hair When We' / Alien 8 Recordings
Giant ValueIn the Trees
In the Trees / Super Low Fidelity
Shimmer Kids Underpop AssociatMythology
Book of Mirrors, the / Underpop Records
RocketshipThe Quad
Rocketship/Trace / Omnibus Records
Her Space HolidayThe Young Machines
Young Machines, the / Mush Records
DaedelusGoing UnsteadyRethinking the Weather / Mush Records
NiobeGood Old Owl
Tse Tse / Sonig
Band on the RunBluebird
Band on the Run / The Smack Shire
Ruffini Corpuscle / Dual Plover
Immortal TechniqueThe 4TH BranchRevolutionary Vol 2 / Viper Records
Mr. DibbsRedout Brick Hemmorage 3.5
30TH Song, the / Rhymesayers Ent
Djs of Mass DestructionWar (If It Feels Good, Do It
War (If It Feels Good / Hip Hop Slam
4AM and Devoya MayoThis GirlSex, Darwinism and The Jungles of Hades / Just One
Peanut Butter WolfThe ChroniclesReturn of the D.J. I / Bomb Hip Hop Rcords
4AMsorry wrong #...the china dress remixSex, Darwinism and The Jungles of Hades / Just One
Charizma & Peanut Butter WolfMethodsBig Shots / Stones Throw
War (If It Feels Good / Hip Hop Slam
<None>Emcee Dubya Vs. Guvna Arnold
War (If It Feels Good / Hip Hop Slam
Son of a Bush (Dj Pone Baghda)Public Enemy
War (If It Feels Good / Hip Hop Slam
Guerrilla News Network (Gnn)Happy Ramadan Osama Bin Ladn
War (If It Feels Good / Hip Hop Slam
Steinski and Mass MediaIt's Up to You (War Mix)
War (If It Feels Good / Hip Hop Slam