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Mon Feb 16, 2004 noon - 3pm 
WhileHex2 Mix by Savath + SavalasSlip / Chocolat Records
KiyoGlowChaotech Odd Echo / Schematic Music Company
Philosophy Major50 Kilos of Uncut MetropolinHypnoerotomachia / Wordsound Recordings
CathariEverything Before, After, AnCathari / Isochromatic
Jean-Michel Jarre & ApollofouRendez-Vous '98Music of the World Cup / Columbia Records (College
Momentum / Ml/I
AdjMashupNew Town / Ai Records
Kammerflimmer KollektiefEiderdaunen
Cicadidae / Temporary Residence
John FaheyPlanariaWomblife / Table of the Elements
Concert for Detuned Piano / Acidsoxx Music
SoundgardenLike SuicideSuperunknown / A&M Records
the Desert SessionsBring It Back Gentle
Volumes 9 & 10 / Ipecac Records
Mexico 1910Sadly We May Have to Count
Sharpen Your Crutches / Grany Style Records
ClogsLullaby for Sue
Lullaby for Sue / Brassland
RadioheadSit Down. Stand Up.Hail to the Thief / Capitol Records
GrailsCanyon HymnBurden of Hope, the / Neurot Recordings
Rebel PowersWe Are for the Dark
Not One Star Will Stand the Ni / Strange Attractors Audio
Nobukazu TakemuraCampanaAssembler / Thrill Jockey Records
Aaron Funk & Rachel KozakPervsNymphomatriarch / Hymen
OvalLine Extension94 Diskont. / Thrill Jockey Records
Spokes / Warp Records
Hdj TomFresh, Pure, Economical
Taste / Inflatabl Labl
StereolabMass RiffInstant 0 in the Universe / Elektra Records (East Coa
Cevin Key & Ken MarshallShortwave ConnectorDragon Experience, the / Metropolis Records
Ruffini Corpuscle / Dual Plover
CoppeBlue (Dr. Jacobson Remix)
Nauru / Mango & Sweetrice
Glenn BrancaLession NO.1
New York Noise / Soul Jazz Records