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Sat Jan 24, 2004 noon - 3pm 
John Lee HookerInterviewGuitar / Standard Oil Co of CA
Cleoma FalconBlues Negres
Hot Women / Kein & Aber Records
the Band of Blacky RanchetteThe Muss of Paradise
Still Lookin' Good to Me / Thrill Jockey Records
Gun ClubPreaching the BluesTwo Sides of The Beast / Castle Communications
th Black Keys/The Six Parts 7Thickfreakness (Live)
A Blueprint Split / Suicide Squeeze
the Black-Eyed SnakesCornbread
Rise Up! / Chairkicker's Music
Shooby TaylorWho's Sorry NowHuman Horn, the / (Unknown)
Yankovic, Wierd AlJurrassic ParkAlapalooza / Scotti Bros.
Wesley Willis & the DragnewsMy Mother Smokes Crack Rock
Greatest Hits / Alternative Tentacles
Manic HispanicJet Muchacho
Wasted / Byo Records
the Neal Pollack InvasionMemories of Times Square
Never Mind the Pollacks / The Telegraph Company
People Like Us & Kenny GWouldnt It Be Nice in Yr Fac
Nothing Special / Mess Media
National LampoonListener Sponsored Radio 1Thats Not Funny Thats Sick / Label 21
the Evolution Control CommittSex Re-Education
Plagiarythm Nation / Seeland Records
OrangeThe Carnival Triptych
Carnival and Cosmos / Snowdonia Dischi
RamonesSitting in My RoomPleasant Dreams / Sire
the MummiesYou Must Fight to Live
Death By Unga Bunga / Estrus Records
Shark PantsDogner
Porno Snakehead / Recess Records
the DishesGot Something to Tell You
3 / File 13
Utah Phillips and Ani DifrancAnarchyPast Didn't Go Anywhere, the / Righteous Babe Records
Giant ValueTumbling Heavens
In the Trees / Super Low Fidelity
Plan to PinkYour Teeth
Debutante Ball / Extra Small Records
Robert WyattAlifib
Solar Flares Burn for You / Cuneiform Records
Elisabeth FraserAt Last I Am Free
Stop Me If You Think Y / Rough Trade
Neutralizing ForceIonizedS/T 3 / Mile 329
Butthole SurfersSweet LeafLocust Abortion Technician / Touch and Go
the Wierdo'sHey Big OilWe Got the Neutron Bomb / Frontier
Hair PoliceNight VisitorsViki/Hair Police / Load Records
MammalDouble Nature
Double Nature / Snse
Secret SynthiHere Comes the Disco Machine
Katzchenkollision / Rink-E-Dink Records
Rude SoloDark EldarSound of Warhammer 40. / Neuton Medien Vertrieb
My RuinMade to Measure (Radio Edit)
Shape of Things to Come..., th / Century Media
DaughterSuicide NoteSkin / Aum Fidelity
SolgerDead Solger
Codex 1980 / Empty Records
Morbid AngelWithin Thy Enemy
Heretic / Earache
Flaco JimenezEn El Cielo no Hay Cerveza
Squeeze Box King / Compadre Records
CulturcideLousy Parents and Messed up KidsHome Made Authority / none