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Wed Jan 16, 2002 6-9 pm pst 
Sun RaDiscipline/Outer Space E.M./Space is the PlaceConcert For the Comet Kohoutek /
The Butthole SurfersMoving To FloridaCreamed Corn From the Socket of David /
Malcolm XTheres No Such Thing as a Non-Violent RevolutionWisdom of Malcolm X Disc 1, Th /
Jr. Walker and the All StarsShotgunMotown 1960S Vol. 1 /
Richard NixonAddress to Nation on VietnamLib. of Congress VOL.4 /
Ned BouhalassaMove 1Aerosol /
Bill WithersLean on MeSave the Children (soundtrack) /
NegativlandA Cappella Version - I StillThese Guys Are From England /
National LampoodWell Intentioned BluesGold Turkey /
James Mathus & His KnockdownyHamboneNational Antiseptic /
Lee HazlewoodTrouble Is a Lonesome TownTrouoble Is a Lonesome Town /
OP8 Featuring Lisa GermanoSandSlush /
George GillespieBack to Arizonasings cow camp songs of the old west (1955?) /
Evan ParkerLine 1Lines Burnt in Light /
Wesley WillisElvis PresleyGreatest Hits /
The Pain TeensSwimmingBeast of Dreams /
Marclay/YoshihideBlood EddyMoving Parts /
Jackie-O MotherfuckerRay-O-GraphLiberation /
Steven Wrightside A of the cassette, mostlyI Have a Pony /
George GillespieI'll Never Get Drunk Againsings cow camp songs of the west /
The Meat PuppetsPlateauMeat Puppets II /
Lydia Lunch & Roland S HowardIn My Time of DyingShotgun Wedding /
Led ZeppelinThe Wanton SongPhys Graffitti /
Jones, John PaulIt's Coming (A Fanfare forMiniatures 2 /
EnslavedHollow InsideMoumension /
Red MonkeyNot Certain Positive
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot /
Squirrel BaitKid Dynamite7" /
SodomSurfin' BirdM-16 /
Black LipstickW.W.D.Y.D.Four Kingdoms Of, the /
Man Is the BastardvariousD.I.Y.C.D. /
Tokiko KatoToorinaMiniatures 2 /
33.3playing safe...compiled /