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Tue Dec 30, 2003 10pm - midnight 
HellaElectric Guitar
Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bas / Narnack Records
Elvish PresleyMagic PensBlack Elf Speaks / Bulb Records
Tasheyana Compost / Load Records
Michael Yonkers BandPuppeting
Microminiature Love / Sub Pop Records
the CurtainsWatch For: the Eliminator
Flybys / Thin Wrist
Nels Cline and Gregg BendianJupiterInterstellar Space Revisited / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Lightning BoltThe Faire FolkRide the Skies / Load Records
Cerberus ShoalSole of Foot of Man
Chaiming the Knoblessone / North East Indie Records