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Tue Apr 30, 2019 10pm - 11pm 

v1984Becoming N(one)Becoming N(one) / Glacial Industries
Feelings MeetingTowerFeelings Store / -
Yves TumorCherishSerpent Music / PAN
Ivory TowersMaenad Gore CompetitionQueller / Ivory Towers
SpelllingUnder The Sun
Mazy Fly / Sacred Bones Records

BabyfatherBubble419 / World Music
Beauty ToolB-ITASASFAOMWTOFCEverything is EASY! / Beauty Tool

PapayaBetoqueQuatro / IV / Revolve
Jealousy Mountain DuoLEAF KICKERSN°_02 ,THE HOME OF EASY CREDIT / Blunoise
DoffingF.O.A.MTower of Ten Thousand Miles /
Feelings MeetingBefore The Flood Pt. 2Feelings Store / -
TakaoWater MusicStealth / EM Records
MeeltLa Noche Quedó Atrás
Triunfos Pasados / Self-Release
Rudy De AndaLos Canarios
"The Mirror" B/W "Los Canarios" / Karma Chief Records
Special InterestDisco Ii
Spiraling / Raw Sugar
Europ EuropHero Pilot
Mellowharsher / Enfant Terrible