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Tue Dec 23, 2003 9pm - midnight 
Sonic YouthThe Diamond SeaWashing Machine / Dgc
Charles AtlasStone(D) in Brackish PoolCharles Atlas / Audraglint
Songs:OhiaTwo Blue Lights
Didn't It Rain / Secretly Canadian Records
Songs:OhiaBlue Chicago Moon
Didn't It Rain / Secretly Canadian Records
Carla BozulichRed Headed Starnger
Red Headed Stranger / Dicristina Star Builders
Michael Yonkers BandPuppeting
Microminiature Love / Sub Pop Records
MofosSatan-A-Go Go
Supercharged on Alcohol / Independent
Ape Has Killed ApeStereo Bongos
Acid Reflux / True Classical Cds
Cerberus ShoalSole of Foot of Man
Chaiming the Knoblessone / North East Indie Records
Captain BeefheartLick My Decals Off babyLick my decals Off baby / MCA
Us MapleDumb in the Wings
Purple on Time. / Drag City
Frog EyesMiasma Gardens
Golden River, the / Animal World Recordings
the CurtainsWatch For: the Eliminator
Flybys / Thin Wrist
Roscoe Mitchell & Note FactorSong for My Sister
Song for My Sister / Pi Recordings
UsaisamonsterFor Your Love
Tasheyana Compost / Load Records
CanYoo Doo RightMonster Movie / Spoon Records
WhyThe CrestEarly Whitney Ep, the / Anticon