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Sat Dec 20, 2003 9pm - midnight 
GrowingLife in DSky's Run Into the Sea, the / Kranky
400 BlowsThe Kids Are not at Home
Black Rainbow / Rehash Records
hightower?live on kzsu / -
Mondo GeneratorMeth, I Hear You Callin'A Drug Problem that Never Exis / Ipecac Records
30 Years WarUnder the GunUnder the Gun / Substandard Records
the Great Redneck HopeI'm Pretty Sure I Got My Cat
'splosion / Thinker Thought Records
Ape Has Killed ApeAre We not Dinosaurs?
Acid Reflux / True Classical Cds
PolysicsGo Ahead Now!
Neu / Asian Man Records
Erase ErrataGo to SleepAt Crystal Palace / Troubleman Unlimited
the LocustCan We Get Another Nail in T
Plague Soundscapes / Anti Inc.
KwispEther Bunny's Music for theTeriyaki Vest Odyssey / Pinephone Recordings
f-spacethrough the night softly- / -
Cevin Key & Ken MarshallRunningDragon Experience, the / Metropolis Records
joy divisionautosuggestionsubstance / qwest
Broadway ProjectBeautyVessel, the / Memphis Industries
virgin prunesdecline and fall...if i die,i die / go international
mazzy starso tonight that i might seeso tonight that i might see / capitol
sex gang childrenarms of ciceromedea / dressed to kill
VoltaireWhen You're EvilDevil's Bris, the / Projekt Records
CoilQueens of the Circulating LiLive One / World Serpent Dist.
strength through joythe bridgethe force of truth and lies / twilight command
the huaxia chamber ensemblexiang-yu removes his armorchina(box set) / ellipsis arts
boyd rice and friendspeoplemusic,martinis and misanthropy / ner bad
chthonic forcepleasure killchthonic force / zos kia sounds
wakeford-stapeltonthe frightened cityrevenge of the selfish shellfish / tursa
abraxaspharmakon lykosskin thrills / tfi