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Sat Dec 20, 2003 noon - 3pm 
Paul ChainCosmic Wind Part 1Cosmic Wind / Jade Tree
HawkwindLost JohnnyHall of The Mountain Grill / UA
Jim O'rourkeCall Up on Your Sisters
All Tomorrow's Parties / Atp Recordings
Iron HorseThe Four HorsemenFade to Bluegrass / Cmh Records
CoilAmethyst DeceiversLive One / World Serpent Dist.
HedningarnaForest MaidenCOLL: Nordic Roots 2/Northside 2000 / Northside
Hagalaz RunedanceWake SkaldiVolven / Well Of Urd
Freya AswynnInvocationShades of Yggdrasil / Asafoetia
Current 93Calling For Vanished FacesAll The Pretty Little Horses / World Seprent Distribution
HellaWho Ray
Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bas / Narnack Records
Frank Zappa & Capt'n BeefhartSan With The Showing Scalp Flat Top/Poofter's Froth Wyoming Plans AheadBongo Fury / Discreet
Travesty Ltd.Rock N' Roll DoctorDr. Demento Presents The Greatest Novelty Records Of All Time: The 1980's / Rhino
StynxLords Of The RingPieces Of 8 / A&M
ThorThe Guardian's Flame OpusTriumphant / Scratch Recordings
Place of SkullsReturnNailed / Southern Lord Recordings
GhoulGhoul Hunter
Maniaxe / Razorback Records
DestructionThe Ravenous BeastMetal Discharge / Nuclear Blast
the CrownNo TomorrowPossessed 13 / Metal Blade
UnbrokenAbsentee DebateCirca '95 / Three One G
Crude (Japan)Struggle To Get FreeImmortality / Deranged
Dillinger FourNo Pain, No GainCOLL: No Sleep For Hardcore - Suburban Voice Comp #4 / Suburban Voice
Henry Rollins & The Hard-OnsLet Their Be RockLet Their Be Rock 12" / Vinyl Solution
Born Dead IconsOur HistoryUnlearn 7" / Heart First
AmebixLargactylArise / Alternative Tentacles
AphasiaDisappointment4-track 7" / Not To Downtown
Joy DivisionBerlinThe House Of Dols (boot) / ???
Avenged SevenfoldTurn the Other WaySounding the Seventh Trumpet / Good Life Recordings
EinherjerOdin Owns Ye AllOdin Owns Ye All / Century Media
FalkenbachWahallMagni blandinn ok megaintiri / Napalm
KatatoniaTonight's DecisionNightmares By The Sea / Peaceville