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Wed Feb 20, 2019 10pm - 1am 
metal churchbeyond the blackmetal church / ground zero
Sacred TapestrySkyfall Iv (Strike Suit)
Shader Complete / Aguirre Records
Acceptfast as a sharkrestless and wild / portrait
vicious dictator / shrapnel
armored saintmarch of the saintmarch of the saint / chrysalis
David Chastainspontaneous combustioninstrumental variations / leviathan
judas priestriding the windscreaming for vengeance / columbia
PramShimmer And DisappearAcross The Meridian / Domino Recording Company
U.F.O.lights outlights out / chrysalis
triumphallied forcesallied forces / rca
hellionbreak the spellhellion / music for nations
L.A. Gunsshow no mercyL.A. Guns / vertigo
jet boybad diseasefeel the shake / mca
Michael schenker groupvictim of illusionmsg / chrysalis
steelerhot on your heelssteeler / shrapnel
twisted sisterburn in hellstay hungry / atlantic
grim reapersee you in hellsee you in hell / rca
stryperloud and clearthe yellow and black attack / enigma
queensrychetake hold of the flamethe warning / emi
Gisle KverndokkI. The Sorrow Of Loneliness. Melodies From Afghanistan, Kurdistan And Venezuela
Symphonic Dances / Stax Records
hellhoundice ageice age / maximum metal
Death AngelThe Ultra-ViolenceUltra-Violence, The / Enigma Records
exoduslesson in violencebonded by blood / combat
ForbiddenR.I.P.Twisted Into Form / (Unknown)
Vio-LenceOfficer NiceOppressing the Masses / Megaforce Worldwide
mercyful fateblack funeralmercyful fate 12" / music for nations
nuclear assultcross of ironthe plague / combat
Robert PossBitter Strings
Frozen Flowers Curse The Day / Trace Elements
helloweenmurdererhelloween / noise
destructionsign of fearrelease from agony / steam hammer
megadethlooking down the crosskilling is my busisness and business is good / columbia
running wildsoldiers of hellgates of purgatory / noise
anthraxpanicfistfull of metal / megaforce
SlayerHell AwaitsHell Awaits / Metal Blade
metallicaanestesia pulling teeth/whiplashkill em all / music for nations
S.O.D.kill yourselfspeak english or die / megaforce
Radio Free Clear LightGates Unlocked
Rare Is The Moment / Black Noise
celtic frostinto the crypts of ray'smorbid tales / metal blade
iron maidenhallowed by thy namenumber of the beast / emi