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Sat Jan 19, 2019 9pm - midnight 
The MonkeesPorpoise songhead / -
The PebblesMy Tricky Bird
First Album / Sympathy For The Record Industry
the RoofiesAssorcismBlame It on the Roofies / Mangina Records
The Neptunaschicken of the sea- / -
Retardosquit this towndont want the retardos 7" / super teem
Groovie GhouliesMy CarBorn in the Basement / Green Door Recording Co.
the FeversI wanna do itshow 7" / lip stick
the flakesbip bam boombip bam boom 7" / just add water
Jack SaintsBarbara SteeleA Fistful Of Rock'n' Roll Volume 5 / Tee Pee Records
Demolition DollrodsLil Piece of Leather
Broad Daylight / Pussycat Records
MarzipanI BelieveI Believe / Echonet Recordings
the Kirby GripsPity Party
Rotations / Sympathy For The Record Industry
Tina & the total babestongue tiedshe's so tuff / sympathy for the record industry
the Vulcaneersthey prefure blondesbeet me off scotty / earthling repent
Red AuntsI'm CryingGhetto Blaster / Epitaph Records
davie allan & the arrowsshape of things to comeshape of things to come 7" / total energy
StaticsAll of Your LoveAn Un-Respected Man / Empty Records
teenage rebellionpot partyteenage rebellion soundtrack / side walk
Brian Jonestown MassacreHyperventilationMethodrone / Asphodel
dandy warholsIt's a fast driving rave up with the dandy warholsdandys rule ok / -
the seedspushin' to hardHumble Harve 22 oribinal goldens / DJ
TNTthe pirate songTNT 7" / radio trash
the LoudmouthsTuraThe Loudmouths / new red archives
One Man ArmyStuck in the AvenuesDead End Stories / Adeline Records
TemplarsMy Saving GraceOmne Datum Optimum / Gmm Records
Dukes Of HamburgQue Serastar club show 1 / dionysus
Mono MenTestifyWrecker / Estrus Records
Blag Dahlialet's take a ridehaunt me 7" / man's ruin
the Rip OffsFast Livin'Rip Off Records / Rip Off Records
The DemonicsR.I.P.S.T.P.R.I.P.S.T.P. 7" / man's ruin
the Astronautswar of the satellitesteen-agers zoom to supersize and terrorize a town! / shot down
the satellitersclose to nothingthe thyme is now / pin up
the Phantom Surferslets fist againXXX Party / lookout
superchargerdon't mess me updon't mess me up 7" / estrus
the BobbyteensI'm allrightnot so sweet / screaming apple
the TrashwomenDragulaAphrodisia / Hillsdale Records
the Countbackwurdsthe AlligatorSorry Charlie 7" / telstar
the MummiesCome on UpNever Been Caught / Telstar Records
the Bomboraslast calllast call 7" / dionysus
Mutilator's(if I gotta) kill ya (ta keep ya)superior hair dressing pomade 7" / frisbee
The BoarsTwo TearsTwo Tears 7" / theodore
the workin' stiffswhippin boywhippin boy 7" / TKO
TeengenerateI don't mindaudio recording 10" / munster record dealer ship
Guitar WolfIndian guitarwolf rock! / goner
White Trash DebutantesBill DakotaCrawl for It / Desperate Attempt Records
Icky Boyfriendsmy disciplestalking to you is just like being dead 1988-present / menlo park