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Sat Nov 24, 2018 7am - 9am 
Less BellsMilwaukee Protocol
Solifuge / Kranky
Brianna KellySanctus
Brianna Kelly/Sympathy Pain / Whited Sepulchre Records
La PlimbareUn Sentiment Bizar, Recurent
L A P L I M B A R E / A C R

Finn MortensenAdagio (10:30)
Symphony, Op. 5 / Sso Recordings (Stavenger Symphony Orchestra
Sarah DavachiThird Hour
Gave In Rest / Ba Da Bing!

Sympathy PainBlanket Burner
Brianna Kelly/Sympathy Pain / Whited Sepulchre Records
Chris TrinidadTouching Hearts
Chant Triptych I / Iridium Records
PoemmeWith The Changing Of The Leaves
Moments In Golden Light / Constellation Tatsu

Tim HeckerThis Life
Konoyo / Kranky
Lavatone / Full Spectrum

Prequel TapesReturning Systems
Everything Is Quite Now / Gaffa Tape Records

Dusan JevtovicBriga
Live At Home / Moonjune