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Sat Sep 29, 2018 8pm - 10pm 
Tim HeckerThis Life
Konoyo / Kranky
Tim HeckerIn Death Valley
Konoyo / Kranky
Tim HeckerIs A Rose Petal Of The Dying Crimson Light
Konoyo / Kranky
Tim HeckerKeyed Out
Konoyo / Kranky

Less BellsDesert
Solifuge / Kranky
Casino Versus JapanDeath To The Fictitious Light Cycle
Suicide By Sun / Cvsj
Sarah DavachiBuhrstone
Let Night Come On Bells End The Day / Recital Records

Leon VynehallTrouble - Parts I, Ii, & Iii
Nothing Is Still / Ninja Tune
Double Negative / Sub Pop Records
Mary HailMo(U)Rning
(W)Rest / Self-Release
UtahSociety Rules
Reaper's Gain / Self-Release

Entropy WorshipQuantum Tongues
Facticity Devotion Discipline / Soundpress Records
Mark McguireWe Would Have Won
Sundance Dreams / Self Release

Less BellsBombardment
Solifuge / Kranky
Naps / Lung Cycles / Lily Tapes & Discs