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Wed Jun 27, 2018 6pm - 9pm 
Ty SegallShe
Freedom's Goblin / Drag City
Earthbound / Forest
Saint KarloffSpellburn
All Heed The Black God / Twin Earth
Black SabbathOrchid
Master Of Reality (Deluxe) / Vertigo
Black SabbathLord Of This World
Master Of Reality (Deluxe) / Vertigo
Conan/Slomatics Split Ep / Black Bow
UFORock BottomPhenomenom / Chrysalis Records
Al ArdScrutinizing A Glimpse Of Chaos
Al Ard / Code 666
Abjection RitualOld Sins
Soul Ruin, Body Of Filth / Malignant Records

BabybirdDrug Time
Ex-Maniac / Unison Music Group
Gigolo AuntsSerious DrugsFull-On Bloom / Alias Records
Chaudelande / Rocket Recordings
Wooden ShjipsEclipse
V / Thrill Jockey Records

variousvarious (three tracks)A Mighty Feeble (cassette comp 1981) / New Alliance
Straight CrimesGet Ready (Jazz Tv #2)
Jams, With Mic 2017 / Fine Concepts
KorperschwacheBlack Helicopters
Eight Velvet Paintings For Helen Keller / Inam Records
Snow BurialSever The Bloodline
Aseethe/Snow Burial Split / Hand Of Death
Squirrel BaitKid Dynamite7" / Homestead
Moron's MoronsDevil Sucks My Cock And Swallows
Indecent Exposure Ep / Slovenly Recordings
HaxxanBetween Me And The River & The Sea
Magnificent Planet Of Alien Vampiro Ii Lp, The / Slovenly Recordings
Archie And The BunkersThe Roaring 20's
Songs From The Lodge / Dirty Water Records
QuintronWitch in the ClubSwamp Tech / Tigerbeat6
The CavemenConcrete Town
Nuke Earth / Slovenly Recordings
The GoriesReal Cool Time
Shaw Tapes: Live In Detroit 5/27/88, The / Third Man Records
The GossipJealous Girls
Standing In The Way Of Control / Kill Rock Stars

Dead Neighbors(D)
Less / Marching Banana