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Tue Nov 18, 2003 3pm - 5pm 
Marrin HolmesFind Yourself
Bay Area Funk / Luv 'n' Haight Records
Push Button ObjectsAtp Track
All Tomorrow's Parties / Atp Recordings
Little Darla Has a Tre / Darla Records
Kid KoalaAnnie's Parlor
Some of My Best Friends Are Dj / Ninja Tune
Lord of the Rings Modulator / Bulb Records
Lou HarrisonVariations
Serenado / New Albion Records
Maja RatkjeAcid
Voice / Rune Grammofon
Kid IcarusFirecracker GirlsMaps of the Saints / Summersteps Records
Jorma KauokonenI'll Let You Know Before I L
Quah / Bmg Music/Rca Records
Throwing MusesSoul Soldier*The Fat Skier / Sire
John LarsenThe Flashing Flail From Heav
Kismet / Greyday Productions
Holly GolightlyYou Have Yet to Win
Truly She Is None Other / Damaged Goods
John GorkaOutsideOld Futures Gone / Red House Records
Brad PostlethwaiteJust Cause
Welcome to the Occupation / Makeshift Music
TipperMiddle of NowhereSurrounded / Myutopia Recordings
Demolition Doll RodsAfrican Lipstick
Bulb Singles #2 / Bulb Records
Lida HusikLet The Good Times RollRutles Highway Revisited / Shimmydisk
Hugo LargoHot Daymettle / Warner Brothers
Leni SternFinally the Rain Has ComeFinally the Rain Has Come / Independent
Asha Bhosleo mera sona reKishore's Mix / none
UnkownWada karo nahi chodogi mera saatKishore's Mix / none
ShehnaiMera jaan sunday ke sundayKishore's Mix / none
SamadhiGore GoreKishore's Mix / none
Mohd.,Mukesh,Lata,Kishore&AshaKarle Pyar KarleGreat Hits / none
Pandit JasrajKhatir Kar Ley NaiEchoes of Temple Music / none
NnckThe Shepherd Takes a Shine TIntonomancy / Independent
Human Sexual ResponseLand of the Glass PIneconesIn a Roman Mood / Passport Records
Pkd/Simulacra / Metropolis Records