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Thu Jan 03, 2002 thurs. 6-9am 
MogwaiMy Father My KingMy Father My King /
GliderLa Peur De La DifferenceWith Ocean Between /
EuphoneNick Is Ryan
Hashin' It Out /
Joan of ArcYour Impersonation this Morn
Gap, the /
Colin Held1981-1989
History of a Bed /
Windy & CarlThe SunConsciousness /
LowLast Night I Dreamt that Som
Last Night I Dreamt that Someb /
BjorkUndoVespertine /
TarentelSteede BonnetFrom Bone to Satellite /
Mazzy StarMary of SilenceSo Tonight That I Might See /
the Sea and CakeThe Leaf
Oui /
CalliopeSaw-Tooth OakI Can See You With My Eyes Closed /
Ester DrangWords that Cure, Part 2Goldenwest /
Colin Held1976-1980
History of a Bed /
GliderThe Hour that Lasts the LontWith Ocean Between /
Windsor for the DerbyTrack 4Windsor for the Derby /
State River WideningAmong the Corn RoseState River Widening /
the MermenLizardsA Glorious Lethal Euphoria /
Clem SideLong Lost TwinGhost of Fashion, the /
IdahoOn the ShoreLevitate /
the American Analog SetSlow CompanyKnow By Heart /
the American Analog SetAaron & MariaKnow By Heart /
NinetyninePolar Angle180 (Degrees) /
Sunset ValleyNico RideIcepond /
Arab StrapThe Devil-TipsRed Thread, the /
Ulan BatorSelva
Ego: Echo /
Ulan BatorLa Joueuse De Tambour
Ego: Echo /
Bluetile LoungeLinerHalf Cut /
Explosions in the SkyMoon Is Down
Those Who Tell the Truth Shall /
Pedro the LionBad Diary DaysIt's Hard to Find a Friend /
KeplerLoose Ground
Fuck Fight Fail /