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Wed Nov 29, 2017 10pm - midnight 
Mount KimbieDeltaLove What Survives / Warp
Tom VekThe Lower The Sun
We Have Sound / Star Time
EnonPaperweightsGrass Geysers /
Micachu & The ShapesOKNever /
HTRKHaHa / Panties /
La Vampires Meets Zola JesusBone Is BloodstoneLa Vampires Meets Zola Jesus / Not Not Fun
Psychic RealityBambini ArtChassis /
Maria MinervaDeepest DarkestHistrionic / Not Not Fun
Sand CirclesInnercity HazeMotor City /
Sex WorkerNext To YouWaving Goodbye /

Four TetOcorasPink /

High WolfDream Is Good
Étoile 3030 / Not Not Fun
Torn HawkPalace RacketThrough Force of Will / Not Not Fun
Ariel PinkTime To Live
Dedicated To Bobby Jameson / Mexican Summer
Dirty BeachesElliDrifters /

Avey TareCoral Lords
Eucalyptus / Domino Recording Company

Creeping PinkShadow People Don't Care
Mirror Woods / Castle Face Records
RangersKhyber PassPan Am Stories /
Sun ArawDeep Cover
On Patrol / Not Not Fun
Dean BluntI'll Show You HeavenThe Narcissist /
King KruleBiscuit Town
Ooz, The / True Panther Sounds
KwjazOnce In Babylon
Kwjaz / Not Not Fun