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Wed Oct 29, 2003 noon - 3pm 
the Bran FlakesThe Music From Another ...Won't Somebody Come Out And... / Ovenguard Music
KraftwerkTour De France Etape 3Tour De France Soundtracks / Astralwerks
Yankovic, "Weird Al"Couch Potato
Poodle Hat / Volcano Entertainment
the Monolith43
Here Comes the Monolith / Independent
ToychestraGoing Places
Sassy Pony / Sk
Fleet Street2Live on Kzsu April 2003 / Outer a Records
Mc Lars HorrisEscape From Robot IslandRadio Pet Fencing / Truck Records
the CutsLosing Sleep
2 Over Ten / Birdman Records
the RunsPiss and SpiteRuns, the / Independent
Inspect Her GadgetImpromptu
Inspect Her Gadget / Independent
the BootcutsSomethin SpecialIn the Comfort of Your Own Hom / Self Release
the Mother TruckersDaiquiris & DiceSomething Worth Dying for / Little Star Productions
FleshiesSexiest Man AliveBenefit for Truth & Ju / None
Nothing SacredAll the Famines
Nothing Sacred / Stardom Young Records
Great at 8UnwoundGreen Machine / Howes Head Records
Bunny & SkitterA Little MashinRough Guide Ska / World Music Network
Basil GabbidonIvereeRough Guide Ska / World Music Network
Bobby GaynairBlockadeRough Guide Ska / World Music Network
Bob Marley & the WailersZig Zag
African Herbsman / Trojan Records