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Mon Nov 06, 2017 2pm - 3pm 
Carrington, Terri LyneGiggles
Jazz Is a Spirit / Act Music
Blue LunchRapid ShaveSaxophone Shootout 2 / Wilberts Records
Blue LunchReconsider BabySaxophone Shootout 2 / Wilberts Records
Dave Askren & Jeff BenedictOn It!
Come Together / Tapestry
Arturo O'farrill & Chucho ValdezEcuación
Familia / Motema Music
Gary MeekWhat Happened To My Good Shoes?
Originals / Self-Release
Bloom, Jane IraModern DramaModern Drama / Cbs Records
Louis JordanCalidoniaI Believe in Music / Black & Blue
Kirk, Rahsaan RolandStep Right UpHere Comes the Whistleman / Label M
Crash Test / Illicit Productions
John ColtraneMy Favorite ThingsMy Favorite Things / Atlantic Records (Jazz)