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Tue Oct 21, 2003 midnight - 3am 
WhileHex2Slip / Chocolat Records
KptmichiganWeg 3Player, Player / Aesthetics
OvalTonregieSystemisch / Thrill Jockey Records
TeledubgnosisClose to the FireMagnetic Learning Center / Wordsound Recordings
MutableAnimalFdisk Encrypted Transm / Acidsoxx Music
Kit Clayton Vs MurcofVs MurcofUnravelled Vol. 1 / Context
Pepe DeluxeSalami Fever
Beatitude / Emperor Norton
Dj WallyRed with BloodEmulatory Whoredom / The Agriculture
Aesop RockFlashfloodLabor Days / Def Jux
Mc Lars HorrisEscape From Robot IslandRadio Pet Fencing / Truck Records
Yankovic, "Weird Al"Couch Potato
Poodle Hat / Volcano Entertainment
MogwaiStop Coming to My House
Happy Songs for Happy People / Matador Records
Frith, Fred/Derome, JeanCanadian Psycho
All Is Bright, but It Is not D / Dame
the String QuartetExpendable YouthTribute to Slayer / Vitamin Records
OrishaCrisisOrisha / Sounds for Space Records
OrishaA Week Is Too LongOrisha / Sounds for Space Records
TortoiseDjedMillions Now Living Will Never / Thrill Jockey Records
KhromozomesComfortableChill Pill / Groove Gravy Records
Lake TroutDerelict BumperVolume for the Rest of It / ...
Philip Glass1000 Airplanes on the Roof1000 Airplanes on the Roof / Virgin Records