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Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:30pm - 9pm 
White HillsDon't Be Afraid
Heads On Fire / Rocket Recordings

BorisJust Abondoned My-Self
Pink / Southern Lord Recordings
Robert Fripp and Brian EnoThe Heavenly Music CorporationNo Pussyfooting / Island Records

Carlton MeltonAdrift
Photos Of Photos / Agitated Records
Matching MoleNan True's HoleSmoke Signals / Cuneiform Records

KrokofantTommy Synth
Iii / Rune Grammofon
Here Lies ManSo Far Away
Here Lies Man / Riding Easy
Man ForeverYou Were Never Here (Featuring Yo La Tengo)
Play What They Want / Thrill Jockey Records
Flesh FrogMission
Flesh Frog / Shovel Tusker
Boss HogBilly
Brood X / In the Red Records
Male GazeKeep Yr Kools
Miss Taken / Castle Face Records
XetasThe Burden
Tower, The / 12XU
Gary Wrong GroupPatricia
Gary Wrong Group / 12XU
Lost SoundsOcelot RisingBlack-Wave / Empty Records
the Phantom LimbsUnknownWednesday Night Live 1/03/01 / Outer a Records
DevicsThe Man I Love
Ghost in the Girl Ep, the / Splinter Records
Lanie LaneMy Man
7" (Digital) / Third Man Records
BlancheJack on Fire
If We Can't Trust the Doctors / V2 Records
The SwifterA Drift
Wall Sailor / Sonic Pieces

TuxedomoonKm / Seeding The Clouds
Half-Mute / Crammed Discs
CulturcideConsider Museums As Concentration CampsYear One / C.I.A. Records

Nina RyserIzzy's Move
I Hope All Your Dreams Come True / Ramp Local
SnakeholeHollow TomorrowInterludes Of Insanity / Wharf Cat Records
SnakeholeDouble DownInterludes Of Insanity / Wharf Cat Records
BongwaterDazed And ChineseDouble Bummer / Shimmy Disc
Carey's ProblemLed ZeppelinArena of Shame / Problemsongs
SumacClutch Of Oblivian
What/One/Becomes / Thrill Jockey Records
Your Limit / Malignant Records

Evil TripletPost Group Date Scene
Other World / Super Secret Records