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Thu Oct 16, 2003 5pm - 7pm 
Brutal TruthWalking CorpseExtreme Conditions Demand Extr / (Unknown)
Brutal TruthTurn FaceNeed to Control / Earache
PhobiaEvil MindsGrind Your Fucking Head In / Deep Siix
KalibasFrom Rags to Ruin
Kalibas/Rune / Relapse Records
Structure of LiesHell Carried OnSplit: Structure of Lies/Misery Index / Deep Six
Mercyful FateThe OathDon't Break the Oath / Roadrunner Records
Wall of SleepThe Wizard
Overlook the All / Psychedoomelic
the Wage of SinFirst-Born AgainstProduct of Deceit and Lone, th / Immigrant Sun Records
CataractI RegretGolem / Ferret
The Dream is DeadConsume, Consent. ConcedeLetter of Resignation / What Else?
Iron LungOnly Deathsplit: Iron Lung/Lana Dagales / Boredom Noise
Cripple BastardsThe Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill (Husker Du)Almost Human / Obscene
Crucial UnitThe Quest for CertainteaThese Colors Get the Runs / Six Weeks
Holier Than Thou?Holier Than Thou?The Hating of the Guts / Six Weeks
What Happens Next?Banner Sized Politics
Livin' La Vida Loca! / Soulforce Records
Minor ThreatBetrayOut of Step / Dischord
TristatekillingspreeOrchid Fans, Take NoteSome Words on the Subject of Being Alive / Six Weeks
Seein'RedPC Not1993-1995 / Coalition
KylesaThe Curse of Lost Days IIIsplit: Cream Abdul Babar/Kylesa / At a Loss
NeurosisLostOfficial Bootleg 01.Lyon.France.11.02.99 / Neurot
Melt-BananaA Dreamer Who Is Too Weak to
Cell-Scape / A-Zap
UiBack Up
Answers / Southern Records
the Magic BandAbba Zappa
Back to the Front / Atp Recordings
Essential LogicWake Up
Fanfare in the Garden / Kill Rock Stars
the VanishingLost in Pictures
Songs for Psychotic Children / Gold Standard Laboratorie
Bardo PondJd
On the Ellipse / Atp Recordings
Iron & WineThe Sea and the Rhythm
Sea & Rhythm Ep, the / Sub Pop Records