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Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:30pm - 10:30pm 
The ButtertonesGravediggin'
Gravedigging / Innovative Leisure Records
Nothing Feels Natural / Sister Polygon Records
The CourtneysSilver Velvet
Il / Flying Nun Records
The Jesus And Mary ChainMood Rider
Damage And Joy / Artificial Plastic Records

The VerlainesDeath and the MaidenJuvenilia / Flying Nun Records
Imperial TeenBaby
On / Merge Records
Perfume GeniusJust Like Love
No Shape / Matador Records
The CockfightersThe Bully Boys
Chavez / Matador Records

Go FeverCome Undone
Go Fever / Planetary Group
WallShimmer Of Fact
"Untitled" / Wharf Cat Records
Ezra FurmanLittle Pieces Of Trash
Big Fugitive Life / Bella Union

PavementBest Friends ArmWowee Zowee / Matador Records
PriestsNo Big Bang
Nothing Feels Natural / Sister Polygon Records
SplendoraYou're Standing on my NeckDaria / Splendora

Tino DrimaYou Are My FriendYou Are My Friend / Records DK
The Gun ClubFor The Love of IvyFire of Love / Last Call / Slash Records
Walter TVCandlesBlessed / Sinderlyn Records
Sexy GirlsNight TerrorsSatan's Hands / Sexy Girls
BRONCHOIt's OnJust Enough Hip To Be Woman / Dine Alone Music

Chastity BeltCool Slut
Time To Go Home / Hardly Art
Michael SeyerPretty GirlsUgly Boy / Records DK
Sunflower BeanTame Impala
Show Me Your Seven Secrets / Self-Release