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Sat May 06, 2017 5pm - 6:30pm 
The TriumphsSurfside Date

Mujercitas TerrorLa Secta Olvidada
Fiesta Muda / Stereo Neg Records
YikesCarol Ann
Whoa Comas Or Blood Bomb / Kill Shaman
Strapping FieldhandsSong of Mourning DoveWattle & Daub / Shangri-La Records
Poo PoodlesBumblebee
There Comes The Future.. The Future Is Now! / Self
White HillsA Trick Of The Mind
Stop Mute Defeat / Thrill Jockey Records
The Young PlaythingsTeenage Tricks
Pick Up With... / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
The Prefab MessiahsSacred Cow
Peace Love & Alienation / Fixed Identity
You Are PluralRabbit Rabbit
Rabbit Rabbit / Swu Records
Las Munjitas Del FuzzEs El 69
Es El 69 / Slovenly Recordings
Stereo TotalLunatique
Monokini / Kill Rock Stars

Regis PhilbinSwaneeIt's Time For Regis! / Polygram
Popular ShapesEveryone Hawaiian
Bikini Style / On/On Switch
Aquarian BloodI'm LitLast Night In Paradise / Goner Records
Stiletto FeelsBlessed City
Big Fist, The / Gtz Records
PresocraticsNestor Mahkno Discovers AmerPresocratics Serve Imperialism / Sandwalking Company
SyrinxMelina's Torch
Tumblers From The Vault (1970-72) / Rvng Intl.
The PolypsNaming
Polyps, The / Eggy Records
Ball / Horny Records

Zig ZagsMagic
Zig Zags / In the Red Records
The New PornographersPlay Money
Whiteout Conditions / Concord Records