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Thu Mar 02, 2017 2pm - 4pm 
Human LeagueBlind YouthReproduction /
BlancmangeBlind Vision
Human LeagueThe Black Hit of SpaceTravelogue /
BlancmageDon't Tell Me
UltravoxSlow MotionSystems of Romance /
Young Marble GiantsN.I.T.A.Colossal Youth /
Voodoo RayA Guy Called Gerald
Clock DVASoundmirrorIndustrial Revolution /
AtritionNarcissistNarcissist EP /
UnderworldBorn Slippy1992-2012 /
the ProdigyJerichoProdigy Experience, the / Elektra Records (West Coast)
the ProdigyTheir LawMusic for the Jilted Generatio / Mute Records
Origin UnknownValley of the Shadows
The FallLost in Music
UnderworldShudder / King of SnakeBeaucoup Fish /
UnderworldRubber Ball
Nocturnal EmissionsT'Cow's YedSpiritflesh /
Nocturnal EmissionsNo Separation
Throbbing GristleDream Machine
The Flaming LipsThe Castle
Oczy Mlody / Warner Bros. Records
The Flaming LipsWe A Famly
Oczy Mlody / Warner Bros. Records
Science FictionSecret Agent Man
"Secret Agent Man" B/W "Breathless" / Stimulus Progression
Snow GhostsVetiver
Husk / Houndstooth