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Wed Jan 25, 2017 10pm - midnight 
Shana FalanaWhere R U
Here Comes The Wave / Team Love Records
The Colour of SpringHoneyHoney & Skin /
A Place to Bury StrangersOceanA Place to Bury Strangers /
The Stargazer LiliesDrive
Door To The Sun / Graveface Records
Pink PlaygroundTenDestination Ecstasy /
TamarynMild Confusion
Waves, The / Mexican Summer
Soft KillWake UpChoke /
CranesJewelForever / Dedicated

LoveliescrushingBlemished SunspotGhost Colored Halo /

AutoluxSugarlessFuture Perfect /
The Year ZeroStrangerOceana, I Will Return /
LilysColliderIn the Presence of Nothing / (Unknown)
Apartamentos AcapulcoNuestro motorJusto y necesario /
Aerial Love FeedRaise UpAerial Love Feed /

Inner SleeveSmileLooking Up /
A Cricket in Times Square5 1/2 Minute Hallway
A Cricket in Times Square / High Two Recordings
Drop NineteensKick the TragedyDelaware / (Unknown)
Dead White Tulips(Hard To) SleepPeople in Space /

The CureThe Hanging GardenPornography / Elektra Records (Local)
The ChameleonsSoul In IsolationStrange Times /
the TheIcing UpBurning Blue Soul / 4AD

SwirliesVersion. in Harmony RetrograStrictly East Coast Sneaky Fl / Taang! Records (West Cst)