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Fri Aug 29, 2003 2pm - 6pm 
Nurse with WoundSalt Marie Celeste [continued from Stirling's show]
Salt Marie Celeste / United Dairies
Necks, TheHanging GardensHanging Gardens / ReR Megacorp
Brotzmann/Parker/DrakeNever Too Late but Always Too EarlyNever Too Late but Always ... / Eremite
Sauter, Thomas TranceactivityHigh Grass
Flora / Altri Suoni
Benoit DelbecqInto White
Nu-Turn / Songlines Recordings
Tim BernePoetic LicenseParaphrase Visittation'rites / Screwgun Records
Griot GalaxyNecrophilia
Live at the D.I.A. / Entropy Stereo Recordings
the All-Star Game[excerpt: track 1, part of track 2]
All-Star Game, the / Eremite