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Thu Aug 13, 2015 9am - noon 
CoffinsColossal Hole
Colossal Hole 10" / Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Celtic FrostDethroned EmerorMorbid Tales/Emporers Return / Noise Records
HelmetBorn AnnoyingBorn Annoying 7"-1989 / Amphetamine Reptile
Black AnvilTgen Talons Deep
Time Insults The Mind / Relapse Records
Cave inCrossbearerBeyond Hypothermia / Hydra Head

StrategyAwesome Piano
Noise Tape Self / Further Records

For the Fallen DreamsDream EaterHeavy Hearts / Rise Records
Shattered SunBurning RegretsHope Within Hatred / Victory Records
CapsizeEndless EmptinessThe angst in my veins / Equal Vision

PanteraBecomingFar Beyond Driven / Eastwest Records (Metal)
EmmureYou're more like friend without the RThe Respect Issue / Victory Records
Attack AttackRenob, NevadaAttack Attack! / Rise Records
Asking AlexandriaClosureRestless & Relentless / Sumerian Records
Bring me the HorizonChelsea SmileSuicide Season / Epitaph

Bring Me the HorizonCan you feel my heart?Sempiternal / Epitaph
The Word AliveThe WretchedDeceiver / Fearless
Mutoid ManReptilian Soul
Bleeder / Self
Code OrangeSlowburn
I Am King / Deadwish Inc.
Code OrangeDreams In Inertia
I Am King / Deadwish Inc.
ConvergeSadness comes homeAll we love we leave behind / Epitaph
ConvergeEmpty on the InsideAll we love we leave behind / Epitaph

the Dillinger Escape PlanAbe the CopUnder the Running Board / Relapse Records
As the sun setsfeed the scenesters to the lions7744 / Undecided Records
DisruptMindlockUnrest / (Unknown)
SpazzGertieSweatin' to the Oldies / Slap a Ham
SpazzPrecision FasteningSweatin' to the Oldies / Slap a Ham
Dead in the DirtSufferThe Blind Hole / Southern Lord
Dead in the DirtThe Blaring EyeThe Blind Hole / Southern Lord
Dead in the DirtSwellingThe Blind Hole / Southern Lord
Brutal TruthEvoluiion Through Revolution
Evolution Through Revolution / Relapse Records

Shai HuludHardlyA Comprehensive Retrospective / Revelation
AnomiePropriete d'une NormeDiscography 1994-1997 / Unknown
HooverDistantLurid Traversal Of Route 7, The / Dischord
SaetiaPostlapsariaA Retrospective / Level Plane Records
I Hate MyselfThis Isn't the Tenka-Ichi-BuI Hate Myself / No Idea
Rites of SpringDeeper than InsideEnd on End / Dischord
IconoclastWit's EndIconoclast / Ebullition Records
HeroinThis TimeHeroin (Discography) / Unknown

NauseaTech-No-Logic-KillExtinction the Second Coming / Selfless Records
AssuckWartornMisery Index / Sound Pollution Records
Caustic ChristSobriety Sux
Can't Relate / Havoc Records
Arson AnthemHammer Them Out
Arson Anthem / Housecore Records
The FreezeNo ExposureLand of the Lost / Taang!
25 Ta LifeBurned by da flamesEarly Dayz / Back ta basics