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Sat Aug 02, 2003 noon - 2pm 
Ward ChurchillThe State Loves a ParadePacifism and Pathology in the / Alternative Tentacles
HoodLey LInesCOLL: Bedroom Ambience - A Collection of Home Recordings / Enraptured
Roy MontgomeryA Precies For The 60'sCOLL: Bedroom Ambience / Enrapture
Neptune TowersThe Arrival At Empire AlgolCaravans to Empire Algol / Moonfog
GoblinMarkus (alternate version)Goblin Volume II: 1975-80 / DRG Movies
Current 93Some morning when the moon was bloodCOLL: The Myths Collection, Part Two / Sub Rosa
AgallochKneel To The Cross (Sol Invictus cover)Of Stone, Wind & Pillor / The End
SculpturedSong to Fall On Deaf EarsApollo Ends / The End
Hanzel & GretylKomm Zu Uns
Uber Alles / Metropolis Records
Burnt By the SunDrinking and DrivingBlack on Black / Initial Records
Lamb of GodBoot Scraper
As the Palaces Burn / Prosthetic Records
Moreland AudioFeelin TurbogoldTurbogold / 54 Degrees 40' or Fight!
DisciplineCitizens Revenge
Saints & Sinners / Gmm Records
PressureAnthemAnthem / Mendit
WarhorseThe PriestessThe Priestess / Ellington
LaibachMessage From the Black StarJesus Christ Superstars / Mute Records
Cripple BastardsSbocco NichilistaMisantropo a Senso Unico / Deaf American Records
John WieseUntitled (Batman) 19454Wiese,John and Jetstre / No Label
CatherdralIntro/Witchfinder GeneralHopkins - Witchfinder General / Earache
Iron MaidenKillers (different lyrics)COLL: Heavy Metal Holocaust / Hessin' Aggression
Ratos De PoraoPlaybaloser
Onisciente Coletivo / Alternative Tentacles
Brothers of ConquestKill for Rock N' RollAll The Colors of Darkness / Go Kart