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Tue May 05, 2015 10:30pm - 12:30am 
Electric WizardFuneral Of Your Mind
Time To Die / Spinefarm
StoneburnerAn Apology To A Friend In Need
Life Drawing / Neurot Recordings
Greatest Band Of All Time, The / Anticulture Records
Electric WizardWe Love The Dead
Time To Die / Spinefarm

NightwishShudder Before The BeautifulEndless Forms Most Beautiful / Nuclear Blast Records
AmarantheDrop Dead Cynical
Massive Addictive / Spinefarm
ArcturusThe Arcturian SignArcturian / Prophecy Productions
SatyriconDie By My HandLive at the Opera / Napalm Records
A Forest of StarsDrawing Down The RainBeware The Sword You Cannot See / Prophecy Productions

Sidereus Nuncius / Pest Productions
Ghost BathThe Silver Flower Pt. 2
Moonlover / Northern Silence
Ghost BathDead
Funeral / Pest Productions
Distant Satellites / Kscope

Bosse-de-nageAt NightAll Fours / Profound Lore