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Sun Jul 27, 2003 noon - 3pm 
Illgotten GainzRetard
Shadows Rise / Burnt Ramen Records
Tunnel of Love/
Rock N Roll Bitches / Mistlur Records
FeederzImitation of Life
Ever Feel Like Killing Your Bo / Broken Records
Cicada RingFlashback
Good Morning, Mr. Good / 54 Degrees 40' or Fight!
Moreland AudioFeelin TurbogoldTurbogold / 54 Degrees 40' or Fight!
This Bright ApocalypseThe ApproachMotion and Rest / 54 Degrees 40' or Fight!
the FeudLe Passion De Noam Jamski
Language Is Technology / Insidious Plot Audio
Don CaballeroPuddin' in My EyeSingles Breaking Up VOL.1 / Touch and Go
the BeatlesSavoy TruffleBeatles, the / Apple
BelliniPatience & Passion in Brown
Snowing Sun / Monitor Records
HellaBitches Aint Shit but Good P
Bitches Aint Shit but Good Peo / Suicide Squeeze
U.S. MapleComing Back to DamnitSang Phat Editor / Skin Graft Records
Pink and BrownPuddles of Acid Pate 1&2
Shame Fantasy Ii / Load Records
the RuinsVrrestoMandala 2000:LIVE at Kichijoji / Tzadik Records
the MelvinsEasy As It Was
26 Songs / Ipecac Records
HelmetRumbleBorn Annoying 7"-1989 / Amphetamine Reptile
Napalm DeathIf the Truth Be KnownHarmony Corruption / Earache
PainkillerBatrachophreneoboocosmosTalisman: Live in Nagoya / Tzadik Records
Miles DavisGemini/Double ImageLive-Evil / Columbia
Go-Go FightmasterBuffy Is Dead
Go-Go Fightmaster / Pax Recordings
Tsahar, Assif/Zoanthropic OrchPart 2 - February 1987
Embracing the Void / Hopscotch Records
Shipp, Matthew String TrioSpeech of FormVisionfest: Vision Liv / Thirsty Ear Communication
Abrams, Muhal RichardMarching with HonorSong for All / Black Saint
Michael MusillamiSwedish Fish
Beijing / Playscape Recordings
John ColtraneAfricaMastery of John Coltrane 4, th / Abc Impulse Records
Charles MingusGoodbye Pork Pie HatThirteen Pictures / Atlantic Records (Jazz)
Charles MingusHora DecubitusThirteen Pictures / Atlantic Records (Jazz)