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Sat Jul 26, 2003 noon - 2pm 
NecromoniconPrologTips Zum Selbsmord (How To Kill Yourself) / Little WIng
St. VitusWhite Magic/Black MagicHeavier Than Thou / SST
Sunn O)))The Gates of Ballard
White 1 / Southern Lord Recordings
SolaceIn the Oven13 / Meteor City
UlverGraablick blev hun vaerBergtatt / Head Not Found
Dark ThroneA Blaze In The Northern SkyA Blaze In The Northern Sky / Peaceville
ThornsUnderneath The UniverseThorns / Moonfog
the MelvinsEasy As It Was
26 Songs / Ipecac Records
Fate of Icarus234Cut Your Throat Before They Do / Willowtip
ThergothonEvokenFhtagn-nagh Yog-Soggoth / Eibon
SourveinSalvationSourvein / Game Two Records
Cripple BastardsMorte Da TossicoMisantropo a Senso Unico / Deaf American Records
Ratos De PoraoTerror Declarado
Onisciente Coletivo / Alternative Tentacles
Violent RampDanforthGrind the Pigs / Freedom From
Crucial UnitAdolthoodSuper Sabado Gigante / Six Two Five Thrashcore
BreakfastDownSuper Sabado Gigante / Six Two Five Thrashcore
UnleashedTo Asgard We Fly!Across The Open Sea / Century Media
EnslavedKvasir's BlodEld / Osmose
Go! for the ThroatPlayed Like a Broken RecordHere and Now / Uprising Records
TudjaatThroat Singing
Rough Guide Canada / World Music Network
TherionGinnungagapSecret of the Runes / Nuclear Blast