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Tue Feb 10, 2015 8:30pm - 10pm 
Don CaballeroHaven't Lived Afro Pop
American Don / Touch and Go
Martial Arts, The / Hello Sir Records
Tall ShipsPhospheresenceEverything Touching /
Billions and BillionsCloud Nine and a HalfBillions and Billions /

TrioscapesDigital Dream SequenceDigital Dream Sequence /
ZeviousWhite Minus Red
Passing Through The Wall / Cuneiform Records
Viet CongContinental Shelf
Viet Cong / Jagjaguwar

Do Make Say ThinkAuberge Le Mouton Noir
Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secre / Constellation Records
Talk WestNervous Man
Black Coral Sprig / Preservation Records
Pool Party / Dronelife

God is an AstronautAscend to OblivionAscend to Oblivion /
The Mercury ProgramArrived/DepartedChez Viking /

Renaissance SoundDon't Eat My DwarvesII /