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Wed Sep 03, 2014 10pm - 1am 
Andrew Weathers & Seth ChrismanRare Palms
Louella / Full Spectrum
Andrew Weathers & Seth ChrismanDungeness Spit
Louella / Full Spectrum
Since/Sense / Dronelife
Since/Sense / Dronelife
Since/Sense / Dronelife

Black ThreadMeadowlark (Premonitions)
Meadowlark (Premonitions) / Turmeric Magnitudes
Günter SchlienzPresentation One
Organ Studies / Constellation Tatsu
Alex CobbRain At The Fete
Marigold And Cable / Shelter Press

Adam PacioneDrzewo
A Still Life: Volumes 1-4 / Bee Eater
Maryanne AmacherSound CharactersThrone of Drones, the / Asphodel
Meaner PencilBarfly Turtledove
Senza Amanti / Blue Dragon Productions
Gunter SchlienzWatermarked Memories
Swim Trunks / Space Slave