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Sun Jun 29, 2003 3pm - 6pm 
PhysicsDelayed DronePHYSICS2 / Gravity Records
Super GoldenHinsdaleOriginal Movement / Slowdime
the IntimaNew RootsPeril & Panic / Slowdance Records
Subarachnoid SpaceDateland
Also Rising / Strange Attractors Audio
Cul De SacDust of Butterflies
Death of the Sun / Strange Attractors Audio
Carla KihlstedtWhen Will Tomorrow End?
2 Foot Yard / Tzadik Records
Marc RibotGhostsDon't Blame Me / Diw
Henry FlyntRockabilly Boogie
Spindizzy / None
the UpsettersJay WalkingUpsetters, the / Lacienega
Lafayette ThomasThe ThingWest Coast Guitar / El Segundo
Carlos GuitarlosPoppin' & Bumpin'
Straight From the Heart / Nomad Record Group
M. WardHelicopterTransfiguration of Vincent / Merge Records
Riot-A-Go-GoI Don't Know Who You Are
Radio Calisthenics / Independent
ShankGet OutSuper Sabado Gigante / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Seven Days of SamsaraPositively Stupid YouthA Reason to Sing / Ea Records
Mr. California and the State PMrs. Captain Jesus24 Song 7" / (Unknown)
Catheter803Catheter/Laughing Dog / Headfucker Records
Lana DagalesUnder the Queen BeeIron Lung/Lana Dagales / Boredom Noise
Lana DagalesAccomplishments?Iron Lung/Lana Dagales / Boredom Noise
Scholastic DethRevenge of the NerdsRevenge of the Nerds / Six Two Five Thrashcore
GrimpleBut If You Weren't HereUp Your Ass / Prank
Monster XYour MistakeMonster X/Spazz / El Rollo Records
Deadbodies EverywhereTalon CystBuy a Bullet, Rent a Gun / Showpost Records
RuinationEscape~/ControlYear One / No Label
the Phantom LimbsSomebody Twisted Your ArmsPhantom Limbs, the / None
Multi FacetDeclineMulti Facet/Sheephead / Zafio Records
BoreholeRockBorehole/King Supa / Lying at Rack and Manger
PawnsConformity JaneAnd They Thought Anarchy Was B / Bad Monkey Records
the BananasAdventures of the Incorrigib
Nautical Rock N Roll / Independent
PlutocracyRebirthSniping Pigz / Six Weeks
R.A.M.B.OU-Lock JusticeWall of Death the System / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Former Members of AlfonsinScreaming for ChangeFormer Members of Alfo / <No Label Info>
Left for DeadKept in LineSplitting Heads / Phyte
EskapoBalewalang SamahanEskapo / Independent
Krupted Peasant FarmerzSluuksPeasants By Birth, Farmers Bye / Farmhouse Records
Word SaladStomach Wounds Bleeding AgaiDeath March 2000 / Prank
Nigel Pepper CockRespectNew Way, the / Life Is Abuse
Mukilteo FariesHeavy into BrettCloset Check / Outpunk
Crucial UnitWigout at KinkosMoshzilla / De Le Mente
Majority RuleSin in Grey, theInterviews with David Frost / Magic Bullet Media
AcridBoiling BloodAcrid / Bombs of Death / No Idea
Andrew DruryThe Schwartzes
A Momentary Lapse / Innova Recordings
MasadaSaharBeth / Diw
Harriet TubmanWhere We StandPrototype / Disk Union
Derek Bailey & Min Xiao-FenZhu YeViper / Avant
LantanaOhri 2Tanka / Sparkling Beatnik Records
Northwoods ImprovisersRainbowLightning Darkness / Entropy Stereo Recordings