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Sat Apr 26, 2014 5:30pm - 7pm 
The TriumphsSurfside Date

William BellYou Don't Miss Your WaterAtlantic R&B VOL.5 / Atlantic Records (Blues)
Blonde Redhead(I am taking out my eurotrash) I still get my rocks off"La Mia Vita Violenta" / SLR
PavementYou're Killing MeWesting (By Musket and Sextant / Drag City
Half StringShell LifeA Fascination with Heights / Independent Project
PricklyMr. ReyesLittle Darla Vol 03 / Darla Records
The ByrdsYou Don't Miss Your WaterSweetheart Of The Rodeo / Columbia

Potty MouthRusted Shut
Hell Bent / Old Flame Records
MedicineI HearBuried Life, the / American (Modern)
Stalling, Carl ProjectThere They Go Go Go (1956)Music From Warner Bros. Cartoons 1936-1958 / Warner Bros. Records
Bob DylanI Don't Believe YouAnother Side Of Bob Dylan / Columbia
Johnny CymbalBreaking Your BalloonIt's Zimmerman's World... We Just Live in It / Pet Records
Eno/caleYou Don't Miss Your WaterOne Word / (Unknown)

the ParticlesApricot's DreamCan't Stop It! / Chapter
TacocatParty Trap
Nvm / Hardly Art
Nikki And The CorvettesSummertime FunNikki And The Corvettes / Bomp!
Isaac Rother & The PhantomsSomething Behind My Shadow
Unspeakable Horror Of..., The / Off The Hip Records
Carol FordYour Well Ran Dry / Federal

Vertical ScratchersChambermaids
Daughter Of Everything / Merge Records
Ontario Girls / Self
TamronsWild Man / Pyramid
La LuzPink Slime
It's Alive / Hardly Art

Fred Neil (with Gram Parsons)You Don't Miss Your WaterOther Side of This Life /