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Mon Apr 07, 2014 3:30pm - 6pm 
Persistence In MourningDualitet (A Modernist Horror)
Frozen In Time (Cassette 1) / Black Horizons

Sutekh HexenLastness
Monument Of Decay / Black Horizons
Sutekh Hexen...Of Emanation
Monument Of Decay / Black Horizons
Knelt RoteCompress
Trespass / Nuclear War Now!

Cloud RatFinger Print V1
Monomaniac - Volume One / Blastbeat
ThouThey Stretch Out Their Hands
Peasant / Autopsy Kitchen
ZudA Skull Shaped Bell
Good, The Bad, And The Damned..., The / Self

Dead TechCatalavoxEcstasy By Current Ii / Schizophrenia
Interrior / Slusaj Najglasnije!
WumpscutSlave to EvilEmbryodead / Metropolis Records
Youth CodeWhat Is The Answer?
Youth Code / Dais Records
Vverevvolf GrehvPsychotronic
Zombie Aesthetics / Relapse Records
Iron ForestDead Batteries
Body Horror / Crucial Blast

MerkstaveLament For Lost Gods Pt. 2
Merkstave / Pesanta Urfolk
MerkstaveSpawn Of A Lower Star
Merkstave / Pesanta Urfolk
Das Blut (Deletist)Rot Aus Rache
Disappearing / Self

Buried At BirthPavor Nocturnis
Smashed In The Face / Self
CoercionChild's PlayNothing's Quiet on the / Reservoir Records
Throne Of BloodDeath Future
Old Tyme Lemonade / Hospital Productions
RevengeRetaliation (Fallout Prayer)
Scum.Collapse.Eradication / Nuclear War Now!
DemonomancyFeast Of Blood - The Obscurity Mass
Throne Of Demonic Proselytism / Nuclear War Now!

BloodswornThe Dawn Of A New Millennium
All Hyllest Til Satan / Agonia