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Wed Feb 12, 2014 10pm - midnight 
Somnambulist's Tale, The / Self
Phil NiblockA trombone pieceNothing to look at just a record here / Superior Viaduct
Calypso BorealisKwunchorkor
Agaw Shasha / Space Slave

Former Selvesgolden dreamsapropro of golden dreams / bridgetown
former selvesempyrean waltzesapropos of golden dreams / bridgetown
former selveswatercourse wayapropos of golden dreams / bridgetown
Abul MogardPost-Crisis Remembrance
Drifted Heaven / V.C.O.
Ed OsbornGuitar MechanicalStone North / Estuary
Insect FactoryYour Mind In Reverse
Lights / Self Release
Bird PeopleCascading Morning Light And Petroleum Fumes
Tour Tape 2013 / Sicsic Tapes

Rillingen / Arachnidiscs Recordings
marika papagikahrissaidothe further the flame the worse it burns me / canary
Secret PyramidMove Through Night
Movements Of Night / Students Of Decay
Looping Around The Forest I Thought I Remembered / Constellation Tatsu
Stephen Vitiello & Molly BergAnother End
Between You And The Shapes You Take / 12k
Lubomyr MelnykCorrosions On The Surface Of Life
Three Solo Pieces / Unseen Worlds
Phillips, Simon JamesPoul
Chair / Room 40
Deep Listening BandRoi T
Looking Back / Za Discs